Recognizing Signs of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

You may think that’s an odd question to be asked, but it can really pay off to know the different signs of hardwood floor water damage. Hardwood floor water damage is often a sign of a much larger issue; an undiscovered water source of water damage. 


In cases of something catastrophic like a flood, damages will be much easier to spot. However, under more common conditions hardwood floor water damage may take more time and effort to spot to the untrained eye. 


United Water Restoration Group of Fairfax would like to describe to our readers what they should be looking for when trying to determine signs of hardwood floor water damage.


Three Major Things To Look For

  • Moisture Stains

It can pay off to take a long appraising look at your hardwood floors on occasion. Uniform in their ways regardless of the type of wood, even the slightest changes are usually incredibly easy to spot. 


Moisture stains are notorious for leaving dark stains on the floor that stand out, sometimes even still damp or fully wet to the touch. In some instances, hardwood floor water damage may even lead to fading although that’s more uncommon.

  • Warping/Detachment

If left unchecked, over time the hardwood floor water damage you’ll begin to see is a warping of the wood, causing uneven walking surfaces as the materials begin to swell. It can even detach from the subflooring beneath, making this both unsightly and a tripping hazard.

  • Wood Rot

While unlikely for hardwood floor water damage to have progressed to this stage without notice, there’s always that possibility that maybe this is taking place in an area of a home or property that’s rarely seen. 


Long-term water damage will eventually lead to active wood rot, weakening the structural integrity of both the wood and subflooring, this is not only a hazard to you but a structural liability in the building.


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