Recognizing Signs of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

You may think that’s an odd question to be asked, but it can really pay off to know the different signs of hardwood floor water damage. Hardwood floor water damage is often a sign of a much larger issue; an undiscovered water source of water damage.    In cases of something catastrophic like a flood, […]

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Can Black Mold Grow on Carpet?

If you own a home or other piece of property, one of the biggest headaches you may ever face is a mold outbreak. Usually coming in the aftermath of water damage, mold can appear in the usual obvious places but it can also occur where you least expect it.    Even your carpet could become […]

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Effectively Cleaning Smoke Damage

If you’re the victim of a fire, then you’ve suffered a property owner’s worst nightmare. When the fire is out, it’s not unusual to find yourself lost. What happens next? Where does the cleanup even begin?    In addition to the damage left by the fire, the soot and smoke odor left behind present its […]

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The Difference Between Smoke and Fire Damage

You’ve heard the phrase, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” a million times before. While the phrase has long since elevated beyond just the topic of fires, it’s still a very fitting way to bring attention to the destruction a blaze can cause. When dealing with a fire large or small, you’re dealing with much more […]

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